Garage Makeovers

How to take better control of your garage

By Diane Tierney

Garages are supposed to be for your car, but these days, they seem to be more of a dumping ground for junk that you don’t want in your house, but don’t want to throw away. Everyone needs storage space for items from tires to sports equipment, and an organized garage can accommodate both your auto and your stuff if it’s properly planned.

The ceiling of your garage is a key area for seldom used items. Hang overhead racks and you’ve got a great place for those things you only need once a year such as winter tires and holiday decorations.

The walls are another area that provide better organization. You can hang a variety of items on walls ranging from bicycles to rakes with a strong wall system and hooks.
Cabinets do take up floor space, but their shelves are ideal for smaller, awkward items ranging from tools to paint brushes. They also provide a valuable work surface for projects and repairs.

Here are a few garage makeovers to give you ideas on how to clean up your concrete cave so it’s a joy to walk into.

If your garage is large and the kind of items you have to store are typically small, plenty of cabinets with cupboards and drawers will completely hide your stuff. If you desire a high-quality floor, Rhino Floortex Coating is an option. It comes with a guarantee not offered by many other standard epoxies. This coating will not flake or peel if applied properly, and is resistant against household chemicals such as grease or paint.

While lower cabinetry is ideal for storing items, also consider a bank of upper cabinets for things you use less often. Install a light over the counter work surface since garages can be dark.

Cabinets with many drawers are valuable for small items that can easily get lost. However also consider full-height cupboards for winter clothing and tall items such as snowboards, hockey sticks and baseball bats.

A single car garage doesn’t have to be useless. Wall systems with plenty of strong hooks can get items off the floor and out of the way. Hanging baskets are ideal for odd-shaped items like helmets and balls. A shelf overhead is another way to create storage space.