Keeping Warm

The large glass pane of the Hwamna 3055 ZC can be opened upwards in a single sliding motion with one hand. Not only is it user-friendly and pleasing to the eye, but the motion creates a partical vacuum that minimizes the risk of ash escaping into the room. With the glass pane up, there is unobstructed access to the deep combustion chamber where the firewood lies securely in place. The glass pane can be removed easily for quick cleaning.
Estufas Fajardo’s Ronda Pie Wood Stove features a contemporary design and high quality craftsmanship. It has a unique rounded design, produces low emissions and its double combustion technology exhibits the highest standards of a modern day stove. The Ronda Pie is offered in three trims: stainless steel, grey and bordeaux

Elmira’s Fireview high
efficiency wood-burning
cook stoves
are efficient and
produce low emissions.
The cook stove can also
be used to heat a room,
with the 1.6-cubic foot
firebox delivering
30,000 to 60,000 BTUs
of warmth. The spacious
three-cubic-foot wood-fired
oven can accommodate a
big Thanksgiving turkey,
and its warmers allow
food to be kept hot while
a meal is being finished.

Valor has designed the Ventana to be among
the largest, most efficient heaters on the market.
The blend of radiant and convective heat
provides effi cient, steady warmth even for large
spaces. A heater that does not require electricity
or a fan during operation, the Ventana has been
created to provide reliable warmth year round
in any climate.