Meet the Experts

Connie Adair

Connie Adair is a Toronto-based writer. She is a regular contributor to the National Post and has written feature articles for many consumer and business publications including More, Glow, The Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun. She has also written for television and corporate communications

Jim Adair

Jim AdairJim Adair was editor of Homes & Cottages for many years. He is currently editor of REM, a business publication for Canada’s real estate industry, and a regular contributor to Realty Times.

Brent Cooper

Brent CooperBrent Cooper Registered Home Inspector (RHI), Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) has been providing detailed home inspections since 1999 and home energy evaluations to his clients since 2002. Over 20 years experience in the residential construction business, Brent has experience in all facets of the building industry. Years of experience and knowledge has given Brent a solid background in the home inspection industry. Contact Brent at

Jack Kohane

Jack KohaneA Toronto-based, award-winning journalist, Jack Kohane has earned renown for his penetrating profiles of Canada’s foremost business leaders, visionaries and innovators in such sectors as the real estate market, healthcare, retail, food service, and international trade. Notable for his perceptive reports on emerging market trends, he admits his first love is writing about what people love to talk about: their homes. How to find a dream home, how to construct it, renovate it, re-purpose it, are the topics closest to his heart. He’s a frequent contributor to The National Post (Post Homes), Pharmacy Business, and Your Foodservice Manager.

Steve Maxwell

steve_maxwellSteve Maxwell is an award-winning home improvement expert who has been helping people build and renovate better since 1988. Visit him at to ask questions, learn and watch his large and growing collection of how-to videos.

Dennis McCloskey

Dennis McCloskeyDennis McCloskey is a fulltime freelance writer based in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Since graduating from Ryerson University with a Journalism Degree in 1971, he has worked as a corporate journalist and editor, newspaper columnist, magazine writer, and book author. He has been writing feature articles and “Last Nail” columns for Homes and Cottages since 1994. In addition to a number of published books, several hundred of his human interest and business articles have appeared in over 65 newspapers, consumer publications and trade magazines in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Judy Penz Sheluk

Judy Penz ShelukAs a fulltime freelance writer for more than a decade, Judy Penz Sheluk has specialized in writing about art, antiques and the residential housing industry; her articles have appeared regularly in dozens of U.S. and Canadian consumer and trade publications. She is currently the Editor of Home BUILDER Magazine, and the Senior Editor for New England Antiques Journal.